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“NTS Gaming” who won CFS2014 South America NF held at the new CF South America server (Spanish server) consists of Columbian players. Before the South America server activated, the team played at North America and it is already very renowned in North America. It is expected the team will perform well in CFS as all the teammates have played the game more than four years. However, due to the contest participation issue, two players were switched; the team is not at its best condition.

As the team is the first representative of CF ES server, pray for their luck to show good play in CFS.


CFS 2014 South America NF 1st

CFS 2014   Record


Team Point Attack Point Win Lose Kill Death Headshot Round
8 16 1 2 92 129 53 29
CFS 2014   Match Results
2014-12-05 23:20 CFS 2014 Quater-Final Match 2
2014-12-05 00:00 CFS 2014 Group D Match 01