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In CFS2014 North America NF, US team “!nstinct” beat Canadian strong team “ACE.Gaming” to be the winner. It won a clean victory revenging itself on the loss at Season2 North America preliminaries. “!nstinct” participates in CFS for the first time, but its members have experienced various world class contests. Maveloff and 15oLLLLL have participated in WCG thrice in a row (2011.2012.2013), and they won the second place at GF in 2012.

“!nstinct”'s strength is not negligible, and it may break strong Asian teams in CF contests.


2011 WCG GF 2nd, 2012 WCG N.A NF 1st, 2012 WCG GF Top8, 2013 WCG N.A NF 1st, CFS 2014 N.A NF 1st

CFS 2014   Record


Team Point Attack Point Win Lose Kill Death Headshot Round
4 31 1 2 148 182 65 50
CFS 2014   Match Results
2014-12-05 20:40 CFS 2014 Group B Final Match
2014-12-04 23:20 CFS 2014 Group B Winner Match
2014-12-04 19:20 CFS 2014 Group B Match 01